Why Heroes & Hamburgers?

In the past few years, first-responders and police forces have received criticism from the media, which has given them a bad reputation, especially in the eyes of young people. However, in Bella Vista, we know we have an outstanding group of men and women on our emergency forces and that they are working daily to serve and protect our citizens. For this reason, Simple Pleasures Event Center hosts Heroes & Hamburgers—a festival designed to bring together the first-responders and citizens of Bella Vista for a day of interacting, fun and celebrating American values!

Last year’s inaugural Heroes & Hamburgers was an outstanding success. Thanks to the generosity of our sponsors and guests, H&H raised over $25,000 to purchase and update city equipment to make Bella Vista a safer place for both its citizens and our first-responders. Adults and children came together and embraced our heroes, getting to meet them face-to-face and enjoy time as a united community. It was a fantastic event that helped to reinforce children’s respect for real-life heroes and to counter the negative media attention given to police officers in recent years. This year, we anticipate more of the same amazing interactions and plenty of good, old-fashioned American fun!


Event Beneficiaries

Fact: EVERYONE in Bella Vista benefits from this event. Why? Because a united community is a strong community, and we are thrilled to be able to bring our citizens together with its local heroes for one-on-one interaction and fun!

In addition to the community interaction aspect, we’ll also have a Community Giving table where our guests can donate to one of three outstanding local nonprofits. And with their donation, they’ll receive a ticket to ride in one of Simple Pleasures’ classic autos!

Bella Vista nonprofits featured at Heroes & Hamburgers will be the following:

It’s all part of our plan to combine purpose with a ton of fun!


From the City Officials

Mayor Peter Christie - 1“I’m so thankful for Simple Pleasures and the Heroes & Hamburgers corporate sponsors for facilitating this event. Last year’s event not only brought together our community with its local heroes, it also helped us purchase life-saving equipment for the city vehicles. We are thrilled that this is becoming an annual event and truly hope our citizens embrace the opportunity to come out and meet the men and women who serve and protect them daily.” – Mayor Peter Christie


Police Chief Ken Farmer - 1“On behalf of the Bella Vista Police Department, we are proud and honored to take part in the Heroes & Hamburgers event. Our officers love this community and its citizens, and when the community members know and trust them, it makes the job easier and the community safer.” – Police Chief James Graves



Fire Chief Steve Sims - 1“We’re so grateful to Simple Pleasures for hosting Heroes & Hamburgers. The department is honored to take part in this community-building event that benefits everyone in Bella Vista and allows us to interact with our local families.” – Fire Chief Steve Sims



Simple Pleasures

logoSimple Pleasures Event Center is a little slice of Americana, distinguished by 1930s service station architecture, historic buildings and outstanding landscaping and landscape art. Located within minutes of Northwest Arkansas landmarks Crystal Bridges and Mildred Cooper Chapel, our 21-acre country setting, beautiful campus and spectacular architecture is perfect for all types of large and small events. Everyone enjoys our historical (1920s-1970s) artifacts including autos, neon advertising, TVs and other pop culture elements. Visit www.simplepleasures.us for information and step back into Norman Rockwell’s America!